CCI + is an advanced course in Cyber Crime Investigation


Course Name: ASCL Certified Cyber Crime Investigator

Fees: This course is currently available only as part of the ASCL Cyber Career Track program.

Eligibility: Graduate in any discipline.

This course is currently available only as part of the ASCL Cyber Career Track program.
Cyber Crime costs the world more than Rs. 57,000,000,000,000 every year. Companies and Governments need skilled digital forensic investigators to contain this US $ 114 billion annual cost.

As per Ministry of Human Resources Development estimates - India needs 2.5 lakh cyber experts and professionals to effectively tackle cyber crimes. (Source: Times of India Feb 10, 2011).
Cyber Crime Investigators solve cases relating to:
+ online banking frauds,
+ online share trading fraud,
+ source code theft,
+ credit card fraud,
+ facebook crime,
+ tax evasion,
+ virus attacks,
+ cyber sabotage,
+ phishing attacks,
+ email hijacking,
+ denial of service,
+ hacking,
+ divorce cases,
+ murder cases,
+ organized crime,
+ terrorist operations,
+ defamation,
+ pornography,
+ extortion,
+ smuggling etc.
Cyber Crime Investigators are an integral part of Information Security, Incident Response and Fraud Control departments. These departments are present in most:

+ eCommerce companies,
+ banks,
+ insurance companies,
+ IT companies,
+ Government agencies,
+ manufacturing companies,
+ trading companies,
+ law firms,
+ BPOs,
+ KPOs and more.

Cyber Crime Investigators are also required by most law enforcement and tax enforcement agencies.
There are 2 assessments for this course:

Online exam: This has a duration of 2 hours and can be taken on Internet-connected computers and most modern tablets and smartphones. This test consists of objective questions and you must obtain a minimum of 70% to pass this test. Re-examination fee is Rs. 500.

Case Study: You are required to solve real-world simulated cases. Marks are allotted for each step in the investigation. You must obtain a minimum of 70% to pass. Re-examination fee is Rs. 500