ASCL Certified Cyber Crime Investigator

In a world where everything seems to be getting hacked, this course equips you to handle cases involving digital evidence & cyber trails.

ASCL Certified Cyber Crime Investigator

We live in a world where everything seems to be getting hacked - not just laptops, smartphones & websites but also cars, aeroplanes, ships, drones, self aiming rifles, ships, CCTV cameras, medical devices, bitcoin wallets, smart-watches and more...

This course prepares you to handle cases involving digital evidence and cyber trails.

Cyber Crime Investigators are an integral part of
+ Information Security teams,
+ Incident Response teams,
+ Fraud Control teams.

These teams are crucial in eCommerce companies, audit firms, banks, IT companies, Government agencies and manufacturers.

Cyber Crime Investigators are also required by police, enforcement and military agencies.


Graduate in any discipline.


Courseware & reference material is provided in printed and electronic form.


2 online tests
2 case studies
1 research project & presentation
Obtain 70% or more to pass


Students specialize in a stream by preparing a research project and giving a live interactive presentation on it. Streams for specialization include:
(1) Web Hacking & Investigation,
(2) Investigating Financial Crime,
(3) Investigating Malware,
(4) Investigating the Dark Web,
(5) Investigating Social media,
(6) Forensic Technologies.

COIN access

Get a 1-year Level 3 membership (valued at Rs. 12,000) of COIN - Collaborative Online Investigation Network.

Digital Mode

Batch Fees Schedule
Join Anytime Rs. 27,500

US$ 830
776 euros
Complete the course in 365 days.

Online Contact Classes:
Last Sunday of every month

Online Test 1: 50 marks
Online Test 2: 50 marks
Case Study 1: 50 marks
Case Study 2: 50 marks
Research project: 75 marks
Presentation: 25 marks
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Course History

This course was launched in February 2002. In the last 14 years it has been completed by 1000s of participants including Police Officers, Lawyers & law students, IT professionals & Engineering students, Chartered accountants & CA students, Company Secretaries & CS students, Tax & other Government officials, Military personnel, Management Professionals, Commerce Graduates and students.

Course Syllabus

  1. Cyber Crime - Global Scenario

  2. Web Technologies

  3. Web Programming

  4. Web Hacking & Investigation

  5. Suspect Interviewing

  6. Documentation & Legal Issues

  7. Phishing

  8. Virtual Payment Systems

  9. Investigating Financial Crimes

  10. Forensic Accounting

  11. Fraud Investigation

  12. Bitcoin Forensics

  13. Malware

  14. Dark Web

  15. Email Investigation

  16. Investigating Server Logs

  17. Browser Forensics

  18. Social media forensics

  19. Google ecosystem & forensics

  20. Forensic Technologies

  21. Cyber Security Fundamentals

  22. Cryptography & Steganography

  23. Password Forensics

  24. Real World Case Studies

ASCL Certified Cyber Crime Investigator

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