In this document, the term ASCL refers to Asian School of Cyber Laws.

1. You will here onwards be referred to as an ASCL affiliate and will be given ASCL affiliate links for getting admissions. You must ensure that when you get any admission, the applicant uses your affiliate link.

2. You will get 10% of the fee for an admission that takes place through your affiliate link. ASCL will not, under any circumstances, pay the affiliate the 10% fee if the affiliate link is not entered by the applicant.

3. You will be entitled to 10% of revenue generated per student after deducting all applicable taxes.

4. The affiliate fee share will be paid to you on the base fee and not on the applicable taxes.
The base fee for a course is Rs. 12,500.
The applicable tax is Rs. 2,250.
Your share will be 10% of base fee = 10% of Rs. 12,500 = Rs. 1,250

5. The affiliate fee is shared when ASCL settles its accounts at the end of each admission season. ASCL accepts admissions 4 times a year, namely in the months of January, April, July and October.

6. Accounts are typically settled by the end of the next month i.e. February, May, August and November.

7. You will be ASCL's authorised affiliate for the Advanced Program in Cyber Law, Intellectual Property Law Specialist and Certificate in Fundamentals of Mediation courses and ASCL Masterclasses only. For any other / future programs, you will be required to apply separately.

8. ASCL may at any time, (without prior notice) terminate its affiliation with you. A notice of this termination of affiliation will be posted on all its social platforms / website.

9. ASCL's name / brand / logo or any collateral may not be used in any post derogatory to the sovereignty of India or its Government.

10. ASCL's name / brand / logo or any collateral may not be used in any post derogatory to any religion, caste, creed, sect or group.

11. You are permitted to state in any/all your communications that you are an ASCL Affiliate. However, you are not permitted to use the Asian School of Cyber Laws logo in any social media platform or otherwise - without prior written permission from ASCL.

12. You will not have any authority to enter into any agreement on behalf of ASCL, for any reason whatsoever (Unless so specifically approved in writing by ASCL).

13. ASCL may at its discretion appoint multiple affiliates for the same territory.

14. This appointment will initially be in force for a period of 1 year and may be renewed subsequently.

15. Please respond to your appointment email from your registered email ID, confirming that you have read the terms and conditions and accept the same. Your email must state the following: "I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the ASCL Affiliate appointment letter and shall abide by the same."