Blockchain Law

Master the Laws relating to Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, DAOs, DeFi and Tokenization of Real World Assets.

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Executive Program in Blockchain Law

Master the Laws relating to Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, DAOs, DeFi and Tokenization of Real World Assets.

Blockchain Technology started with 1 use case - the Bitcoin crypto currency. Today, Blockchain Technology powers a multi-trillion dollar economy including Cryptocurrencies, DAOs, DeFi & Tokenization of Real World Assets.

Blockchain adoption is growing massively in India. Active use-cases include land registration, blood banks, Public Distribution System(PDS), remote voting, GST records, and academic certificates. For details see and India's National Strategy on Blockchain.

Executive Program in Blockchain Law is an online course conducted by Rohas Nagpal.

Last Date for Application: 15-OCT-2023

Contact: +91-8806663129

Duration: 2 months

Exam: A 60-minute open-book ONLINE exam. Score at least 70% to pass.

Exam date: Anytime

Career opportunities in Blockchain Law
  • Handle issues of money laundering, securities regulation, tax compliance, money transmission & consumer protection.
  • Negotiate & draft contracts e.g. token sale agreements, licensing agreements & joint ventures.
  • Represent in contract disputes, regulatory enforcement actions & civil litigation.
  • Work with governments, industry groups & other stakeholders to shape the Blockchain legal & regulatory landscape.
  • Assist with the development & implementation of blockchain-based supply chain management, including issues of traceability, provenance & authenticity.
  • Creation & management of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and other decentralized governance structures.
  • Assist with conducting initial coin offerings (ICOs) and other token sales, including issues related to securities regulation & consumer protection, and tax compliance.
  • Advise on the legal risks & rewards of participating in decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms & protocols including issues related to liquidity, volatility & counter-party risk.
  • Assist with the development & implementation of blockchain-based identity systems, including issues related to privacy & data protection.
  • Represent in disputes with exchanges, wallet providers & other third parties involved in the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Assist with the creation & management of smart contracts & other blockchain-based legal agreements, including issues related to enforceability, legal recognition & dispute resolution.
  • Advise on the legal implications of using different types of cryptocurrency e.g. stablecoins, utility tokens, security tokens.
  • Develop legal strategies for protecting & enforcing intellectual property rights in the blockchain ecosystem - patents, trademarks & copyrights.
  • Advise on the legal implications of using blockchain technology & cryptocurrency for cross-border transactions & payments, including issues related to currency exchange, foreign exchange, and international trade.

This course is suitable for:

  • Lawyers wanting to specialise in Blockchain Law


  • 1. Blockchain concepts & ecosystem
  • 2. Blockchain related laws in India
  • 3. International Blockchain Laws
  • 4. Blockchain Contracts & Checklists

Your Teacher

Rohas Nagpal

Rohas Nagpal is the co-founder of Asian School of Cyber Laws & Chief Blockchain Architect of the Hybrid Finance (HyFi) Blockchain.

He has authored several books including the Commentary on the Information Technology Act, the Cyber Crime Investigation Manual, and the Crypto Playbook. He has assisted the Government of India in framing draft rules under the Information Technology Act.

He has also been a consultant for the Reserve Bank Innovation Hub for preparing a Whitepaper on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

To know more about him, click here.