Consultancy in Cyber Law

Most modern day criminals are realizing the effectiveness of computers and the Internet to successfully perpetrate crime. So called conventional criminals such as drug cartels, organised crime syndicates and terrorist outfits are known to use high technology to assist them in their operations.

At the other end of the spectrum, cyber criminals are unleashing one sophisticated cyber attack after another. The number of data-hacks, financial frauds, cyber-murders, viruses etc are growing at an alarming rate.

Governments around the world are feeling the urgent need to streamline their efforts to investigate and prosecute the emerging brands of techno savvy criminals.

Asian School of Cyber Laws (ASCL) has pioneered a three-pronged approach to assist Governments in these efforts.

  1. Awareness Building: Mass awareness campaigns are essential for
    • reaching the general public with basic information on cyber laws,
    • articulating the general philosophy behind cyber laws, and
    • enlightening the public about the impact of technology-aided crime.

    A successful mass awareness campaign requires the synergy of all mass media channels (TV, radio, press, other media) and interactive discussions and lectures at public forums. (Detailed information)

  2. Formulation of Cyber Laws: “Cyber Laws” is a wide term encompassing laws relating to:
    • Electronic & Digital Signatures
    • Cyber Crime
    • Intellectual Property Rights
    • Data Protection & Privacy
    • Telecommunications Laws

    Asian School of Cyber Laws is the World's only specialized agency having expertise in formulating cyber laws. (Detailed information)

  3. Setting up of Investigation Infratructure: The process of setting up Investigation Infrastructure for tackling technology-aided crime involves:
    • Identification of Personnel
    • Training
    • Identifying & Procuring Software & Hardware Infrastructure
    • Constantly upgrading human and technology resources.

    Asian School of Cyber Laws is a world leader in cyber crime investigation. Our expertise extends from providing high-end training and consultancy to solving complex technology-assisted crimes. (Detailed information)