Workshop on Intellectual Property Management

Note: This workshop is no longer available.
This page is maintained only for archival purposes.

Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights:

  • The Practical and Legal Fundamentals of Intellectual Property
  • Protecting Work Products
  • The Price of Ignorance

Overview of IP Systems:

  • IP & Common Law
  • IP Management
  • IP Valuation

Patent Law and Practice:

  • Conditions of Patentability
  • Exploitation of the Patented Invention
  • Compulsory Licenses
  • Biotechnology Patenting

Trademarks and Trade secrets:

  • Trademarks & Business Goodwill
  • Criteria for Protection & Protection of Trademark Rights
  • Trademark Piracy, Counterfeiting and Imitation
  • Change of Ownership, Trademark Licensing, Trade Names, Franchising, Subject matter of Trade Secrets

Copyright and Related Rights

  • Subject Matter of Copyright Protection
  • Rights Comprised in Copyright & Related Rights
  • Limitations on Copyright Protection
  • Piracy, Infringement & Remedies
  • When Copyrights Expire

Other Forms of Intellectual Property:

  • Industrial Designs
    Enforcement & Infringement
  • Semi-conductor Integrated Circuits
    Enforcement & Infringement
  • Geographical Indications

Intellectual Property and Cyber Space

  • Domain names and Trademarks
  • Patent issues
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Semiconductor Integrated Circuits

International Treaties:

  • Analysis of Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)