ASCL Certified Cyber Crime Analyst

The latest version of this course is available at:

ASCL introduced the ASCL Certified Cyber Crime Analyst course, which is a career oriented course based on industry inputs and features comprehensive course material including step by step demonstrations and latest software and investigation techniques.

This course is available in DISTANCE mode only.

Course Fees (India):
Rs 7,000 (Distance Mode)


Course Modules:

  1. Computer Hardware, Networks and Internet
  2. Understanding how cyber criminals and hackers work
  3. Cyber Crime Investigation


The assessments for the Distance Mode batches of the "ASCL Certified Cyber Crime Analyst" course consist of:

  • 4 online tests (totalling 100 marks)
  • 1 online case study (totalling 50 marks)
  • 1 online final exam (totalling 100 marks)

ASCL introduces Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security & Incident Response

The latest version of this course is available at:

The annual loss due to computer crime was estimated to be $67.2 billion for U.S. organizations.(Source: United States Government Accountability Office Report to Congressional Requesters, June 2007)

The global figure today is likely to be much higher than theRs 26,880,000,000 figure quoted above. This enormous cost of computer crime has led to a massive global shortfall skilled of cyber security and incident response professionals.

In order to equip professionals and students for a lucrative global career in Cyber Security and Incident Response, Asian School of Cyber Laws has launched the one of its kind course – Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security & Incident Response.

Course details:

  1. Basics of Cyber Security
  2. Advanced Cyber Security Concepts
  3. Cyber Crime Investigation and Forensics
  4. Incident Response

Fees: Rs 36,000 (including entrance examination fee of Rs 1000).