Republic of Cyberia gains independence !

The Republic of Cyberia is a virtual nation created to empower children with a 360-degree all-round smart education.

It is located at:

Republic of Cyberia enjoys its own living, breathing language - cyTalk!

We believe that the best way to learn a language is to make it an inseparable part of our day-to-day lives. So, in Cyberia, cyTalk is an inherent part of our communication methodology. However, cyTalk also fulfils another need. It is grounded in the basics of computer terminology and linux, C, C++, php and mySQL syntax. Once you are familiar with the syntax of cyTalk, learning Linux at a later stage will literally be child's play!

Cyberia has 17 sectors:


This is the cyber school where children learn through games, interactive online activities, animated films and even spy games! cyberiaHigh combines education with entertainment to create edutainment.


This is the financial sector of the Republic of Cyberia.

This sector has been designed to teach children all about money and finance.

Topics covered in this sector include banking and finance, foreign currencies, stock markets, investments, personal finance, business finance, and public finance.


This is the eco-friendly sector of the Republic of Cyberia.

Children can learn about Animal Rights, Biodiversity, Climate Change and Global Warming, Reducing Energy Use, Natural Resources, Renewable and Non-Renewable Sources of Energy, the Ecological System, Pollution, Recycling etc.

This sector is named after degaussing - the process of decreasing or eliminating an unwanted magnetic field.


This is the technology sector of the Republic of Cyberia.

Citizens use this sector to learn about various technologies - right from construction technology to medical technology to electronics and information technology.

This sector also lets citizens rate and share their opinions on everyday gadgets and devices.


cyWood is the entertainment, fashion and cultural sector of the Republic of Cyberia.

Citizens can post their photos, videos, paintings, poems, songs, music etc on cyWood. Other citizens rate these to choose the best of the week, month and year.

cyWood gives an opportunity to citizens to showcase their talent to the world.

cyWood is named after the famous woods of the global entertainment scene - Hollywood and Bollywood.


Gamma is the Science Sector of the Republic of Cyberia.

In this sector, citizens can learn about:
- Natural sciences (such as Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Earth Science, Environmental science and Biology)
- Cognitive sciences
- Formal sciences (such as Computer sciences, Mathematics, Statistics and Systems science)
- Social sciences (such as Anthropology, Economics, Linguistics, Psychology, Geography, Philosophy, Political science and Sociology)
- Applied sciences (such as Agronomy, Architecture, Education, Engineering, Health sciences, Management, Military Science and Spatial Science).

In computer terminology, Gamma refers to the brightness of a monitor or computer display. Gamma setting determines how bright the output of the display will be.


UPnP is the sports sector of the Republic of Cyberia.

In this sector, citizens learn the official rules for major sports. They also learn and discuss sports history, trivia and current affairs.
In computer terminology, UPnP stands for Universal Plug and Play. It describes devices that work with a computer system as soon as they are connected.


If you want to learn about law, policing, detective work, crime scene investigation or even cyber crime investigation, then this is the sector for you.

This sector is named after the term protocol – which means a set of guidelines or rules.


This is the entrepreneurship sector of the Republic of Cyberia.

Citizens can post their business ideas and concepts is this sector. Others can vote on these ideas. You may get partners and even financers for your business venture.

Who knows the next hotmail, google or facebook may be a product of this sector.

In computer terminology, a thyristor is a four-layer semiconductor that is often used for handling large amounts of power.


This is the most elite sector of the Republic of Cyberia.

The best of the best brains in hacking and computer security fight it out for membership of this sector.

In Cyberia, the term hacking has a positive connotation - it refers to finding clever or quick fixes to a computer program problem. A hack refers to a modification of a program or device to give the user access to features that were otherwise unavailable. It is an advanced form of a kludge - a workaround, a quick-and-dirty solution, a clumsy or inelegant, yet effective, solution to a problem, typically using parts that are cobbled together.

Hacking is totally different from cracking which is a nefarious criminal use also referred to as computer crime.


Kernel is the management sector of the Republic of Cyberia.

In this sector, citizens learn about important areas of management such as Change management, Conflict management, Crisis management, Customer relationship management, Disaster management, Human resources management, Inventory management, Knowledge management, Marketing management, Materials management, Office management, Operations management, Process management, Product management, Public administration, Quality management, Relationship management, Risk management, Strategic management, Stress management, Supply chain management, Systems management, Talent management and Time management.

In computer terminology, the kernel is the central component of most computer operating systems. It manages the computer resources.  The more efficient the kernel is, the more efficiently the operating system will run.


dotPitch is the design sector of the Republic of Cyberia.

In this sector, citizens will learn about various aspects of design including Packaging design, Product design, Service design, Game design, Web design, Communication design, Architectural design, Furniture design, Garden design, Industrial design, Interior design etc.

In computer terminology, dot pitch measures the sharpness of the display of a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor.


The Republic of Cyberia is governed by superScalers.

Every citizen of Cyberia has a fundamental right to vote in the elections for appointment of superScalers.
The term superScaler is derived from computer hardware terminology where a super scaler CPU (central processing unit) allows faster CPU throughput than would otherwise be possible at a given clock rate.


This is the sector for media and communications in the Republic of Cyberia.

Citizens can learn about news, public relations and advertising here and can volunteer to work in this sector.

In computer terminology, ethernet is a family of computer networking technologies for local area networks (LANs).


This is the most mysterious part of the Republic of Cyberia.

It has not (and probably never will be) fully explored. It features secret doorways leading to the coolest games and missions.


This is where citizens of the Republic of Cyberia can buy and sell cool stuff.

Children can buy and sell art, music, books, toys, games, comics and tons of other stuff in this sector.

They can also buy official Cyberia merchandise including posters, laptop stickers, calenders, postcards, stationary, stamps etc.

Children can also design official Cyberia merchandise and receive life long royalty on the sale of merchandise designed by them.


This is the social sector of the Republic of Cyberia.

All citizens automatically become members of this sector. You can make friends from all over the world, connect with them, share your pics and videos and do a lot more.

This sector also features the cool baseStation chat system.

Republic of Cyberia is located at:

CyberSmart Programs for Children and Parents

The Problems

In 2007, 16-year-old Mumbai student Adnan Patrawala was kidnapped by friends he made on social networking site His kidnappers asked for a ransom of Rs 2 crore. When the kidnappers (all youngsters themselves) heard on TV that the police were looking for them, they murdered Adnan.

This horrifying case highlights the hidden dangers of the Internet.

The Internet is a world full of information, friends, fun, education and sports.

It is also a world full of drug dealers, porn freaks, cyber stalkers, psychopaths, kidnappers, cyber bullies and even recipes to make bombs!

There are several threats that children face online. One of these is cyber bullying, which can lead to depression, substance abuse and even suicide!

Another threat is from online buddies who can turn out to be psychopaths, kidnappers or even child molesters!

Often children inadvertently give away vital details like their parents' incomes, their address, even credit card information! This information can then be misused by criminals to make illegal purchases and run up huge bills.

The Solution

Children and parents must become CyberSmart.

A CyberSmart person is someone who:
- understands the cyber threats facing him, his family and his world
- knows how to protect himself and his family from these threats
- knows how to efficiently and effectively use cyber technology

To enable this, Asian School of Cyber Laws (a world leader in cyber law and cyber crime investigation) and Data64 Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (incubated by Science & Technology Park, a STEP promoted by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India) have partnered to bring you the following programs:

1. CyberSmart WhizKids (for children below 13 years)
2. CyberSmart Teens (for children of 13 years and above)
3. CyberSmart Parents (for adults)

For details, visit: