Billion Coders

billionCoders is a global initiative to empower girls with IT skills through free online courses, face-to-face sessions with experts, internships, real-world projects, freelance opportunities & more. It was founded by Shinam Arora aka c0d3r and currently funded by Asian School of Cyber Laws. Why? Because computing is too important to be left to men! –Karen Spärck Jones…

ASCL introduces a free program on Cyber Security

Imagine that you wake up tomorrow morning and realize that someone has hacked your laptop, smartphone, email account, Facebook account and WiFi network. And your online bank account! Sounds scary? Then this program is for you. Asian School of Cyber Laws introduces a FREE program on Cyber Security Fundamentals. You can find the course details here

ASCL introduces free course on Information Technology Law Compliance

The Information Technology Act and its allied rules, regulations, orders etc impose several obligations on corporates. Failure to comply with these obligations may be penalized with fines, compensation and even imprisonment. Asian School of Cyber Laws introduces a free course in Information Technology Law Compliance. You can check the course details here.  

ASCL introduces free course on Data Privacy Law

The Data Privacy Law in India is contained primarily in sections 43A & 72A of the Information Technology Act and the Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011. Non-compliance with the provisions of the data privacy law is penalized with a compensation / penalty and even imprisonment…

Introducing Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)

Asian School of Cyber Laws provides FREE courses in Cyber Security, Cyber Law, IT Law Compliance and Data Privacy Law on India’s first MOOC platform, LEAP is an online platform which provides  MOOCs (massive, online & open courses) in Law, Security, Forensics & Fraud Control. Register for some of ASCL’s free courses on LEAP!