Free Resources for Cyber Policing

Asian School of Cyber Laws  offers the followinf free resources for Cyber Policing:

  1. Vertool 2.0 - Volatile Evidence Retrieval Tool (Vertool) is a collection of free tools, run by a batch file, that generates several reports useful for Windows forensics.

  2. ASCL Cyber Crime Investigation Manual - referred to by the Times of India as a "bible for Cyber Crime Investigators"

  3. Commentary on the Information Technology Act - This features detailed comments, case descriptions, illustrations and where relevant, legal provisions of Canada, USA, Malaysia, Japan, UK and Singapore.

  4. Collaborative Online Investigation Network - COIN is an interactive platform empowering the world's enforcement agencies to tackle cyber crime & other cases involving digital evidence.

  5. Godfather 2.0 - This Lexcode presentation discusses how criminals are using the "hidden Internet" and crypto-currencies (like bitcoin) to sell drugs, guns, forgeries, financial information and more.

  6. Free Course in Cyber Forensics Fundamentals - Cyber Forensics is the science of collecting, examining, analyzing and reporting digital evidence and cyber trails.