Romanian Hackers' Heaven

Romanian Hackers' Heaven

If you thought, Bucharest, the Romanian capital, is the only famous city in Romania, think again!

A tiny town, three hours from Bucharest, has now made its name around the world as Hackerville.

Râmnicu Vâlcea, a small town of only about a 120,000 residents shows its true colours when you see the incongruous signs of wealth - high-end Mercedes, Audis, BMWs driven by mere youngsters showing off their gold chains and hi-tech gadgets.

"Hackerville" is not exactly apt as these youngsters are less hackers and more internet fraudsters and malware attackers. Most of these affluent youngsters target businesses using malware attacks.

Authorities in Romania say that Râmnicu Vâlcea has seen millions of dollars coming in over the last ten years or so all thanks to these schemes. Râmnicu Vâlcea is flourishing because of its cyber crime based industry.

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Airplanes Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks: US Govt Report

Commercial flights may be vulnerable to in-flight attacks by attackers using
the planes wireless entertainment systems, a US Government report has shown.

A report, released on 14th Apr 2015, by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) claims that this is one of the numerous cyber security threats that need to be addressed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as flight technology moves forward.

The report also claims that it is the more modern planes that are more vulnerable to such attacks as these are more dependent on emerging technology.

The GAO spoke to several cyber security experts who allegedly are of the opinion that flight firewalls could be bypassed if they were using the same wiring and routers as the flight's entertainment systems.

For the full report, Click here.

A similar report had also been published by GAO in Jan 2015. Click here

Advisory on regulation of social media sites / apps

The usage of social media sites / apps for personal and business communications is growing by leaps and bounds. This has also led to the misuse of these sites / apps for unlawful activities.

Consequently, in many cases, the law enforcement agencies require digital evidence from these sites / apps.

The Cyber Task Force constituted by the Asian School of Cyber Laws is preparing an "Advisory on regulation of social media sites and apps".

The following steps are being taken for the preparation of this advisory:

Step 1: Taking feedback from the law enforcement community relating to their experience in obtaining evidence from social media sites and apps. (Click here to take the survey)

Step 2: Taking feedback from the relevant officials of the major social media sites and apps.

Step 3: Preparing and submitting an advisory to the relevant Government departments at the Central and State levels.

Advisory on amendments to the Cyber Law Ecosystem in India

The Information Technology Act originally came into force in October 2000. It was substantially amended in 2009. Additionally several rules, regulations, guidelines and orders have been formulated.

With a view to examining the need for further amendments, the Cyber Task Force constituted by the Asian School of Cyber Laws is preparing an "Advisory on amendments to the Cyber Law Ecosystem in India".

Step 1: The survey of stakeholders

The Survey on the Cyber Law Ecosystem in India is one of the methods of getting suggestions on this issue from various stakeholders.

This survey comprises 16 questions divided into the following 8 sections:

Section 1: Investigation by the police
Section 2: Regulation of Intermediaries
Section 3: Freedom of speech
Section 4: Encryption Control
Section 5: Security related issues
Section 6: Data Privacy related issues
Section 7: Issues relating to digital evidence
Section 8: Other Suggestions and Comments

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Cyber Crime Challenge, 2015

Cyber Crime Challenge, 2015

ASCL announces the meanest Cyber Crime Challenge ever!

The Cyber Crime Challenge, 2015 is a 17 hour online competition that
begins at 1100 hrs (IST) on 17 May 2015.

To win, you must investigate and solve 7 simulated cyber crime cases
within the 17 hour period

Check out:

Your login credentials and access to the evidence files will be provided to you an hour before the challenge begins.

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