ASCL Cyber Awards, 2015

Asian School of Cyber Laws (ASCL) proudly announces the launch of the ASCL Cyber Awards to commend people, organizations and technologies that have made cyberspace more vibrant and safe.

Series 1 of the ASCL Cyber Awards, 2015 will be awarded on July 28, 2015 in the following categories:

Category 1: Cyber Celebrity of the Year

This award will be given to that popular celebrity who has used his / her celebrity status and work to create cyber awareness amongst the public.

Category 2: Cyber Guru of the Year

This will be awarded to the person who has created a mass movement in cyber awareness amongst the public through lectures and training sessions.

Category 3: Cyber Journalist of the Year

This will be awarded to journalists who have made a significant contribution towards increasing awareness about cyber crime and cyber safety. Languages for the Cyber Journalist of the Year, 2015 awards are English, Gujarat, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi and Tamil.

Cyber Awards, 2015 will be presented on 28th July, 2015 at the Conference on Cyber Crime Control - c4.

Hospital Hacks!

Hacker Footprints in Hospitals

Hacking Computers
Hacking Mobiles
Hacking WiFi
Hacking Cars
Hacking Trains
Hacking Planes...

If you think that simply staying away from the computer or the internet can save you from the trap of hacking, you are wrong because the list doesn’t end here. There is one more item to add to the list - Hospital Equipment.

Hospital equipment is vulnerable to hacking. Let’s look at a scenario. You are in a hospital bed and thinking about recovering from your illness because you are at the best hospital and the doctors are extremely professional. Do you need to worry about anything?

Yes, because hackers can remotely manipulate the dosage of medicine coming out your drug infusion pump. These pumps are commonly used to deliver antibiotics, morphine drips and chemotherapy.

A defibrillator, a Bluetooth enabled device which is used to give shocks to a patient’s heart, can be manipulated to give random shocks or prevent a needed shock. Digitally stored medical records can be altered causing misdiagnosis and patients getting the wrong drugs. Medical reports like CT scan reports can be accessed on a hospital network. There is other life support equipment also which is vulnerable to hacking like medical ventilators, heart-lung machines and much more.

Hackers are breaking into the computer networks of healthcare facilities with increasing frequency and taking valuable personal information that is often secured improperly. Hackers are targeting systems that store troves of valuable personal information held in electronic medical records.

Nowadays to increase the efficiency of the flow of patients’ information to medical staff, the medical equipment that is used supports everything from WiFi to Bluetooth communication. However, these devices are not properly secure, as they keep weak passwords like ‘1234’ or they have default passwords such as “password” or “admin,” that makes the work easy for hackers.

The health care industry has these alarming security problems with medical equipment. Another reason is there is no security assessment before any medical equipment goes to market. Thus, there is a need to secure the devices with encryption and authentication before it goes to market and fix those which are already there.

We are in an age where emerging technology is trying to make life easy for us. But, it comes with strings attached. We still have a long way to go before we reach a stage where we can blindly trust technology.

Mining Crypto Currencies

400 Bitcoin ATMs in just 2 years!

And if you are wondering what a Bitcoin is then you are in the right place.

In this world of digitization we use various digital services for our commercial transactions like Pay-pal or Google wallet. But have you heard of crypto currencies? No??

Crypto currencies are digital money and they don’t have any physical form. Bitcoins were recognized as the first crypto currency. Unlike other currencies, crypto currencies are controlled by no single governing body. And this is the reason they are used widely on dark sites such as Silk Road. Sites dedicated to selling contraband and other illegal products.

Bitcoins have a simple concept like any other mobile app or computer program. Bitcoins have a personal wallet and accredit a user to send and receive bitcoins. All transactions which happen through Bitcoins are recorded on a public ledger (also known as a "block chain") and this enables the user’s device to verify the validity of each transaction.

Unlike your bank account, to open a bitcoin account you don't need to give any identifying information about yourself at any point. A key pair corresponding to the sender's Bitcoin account gives protection in terms of authenticity to each transaction. This gives power to users to have full control over sending bitcoins. This protects users from many frauds, charge backs or identity thefts.

Have you made up your mind to invest in Bitcoins then?

Just remember, that like shares Bitcoin value also fluctuates, and it happens quickly and widely. So if you are planning an investment in any crypto currency make a good study and analysis and be ready for the consequences!

Learn more about the technology behind crypto currencies & mobile wallets. Register now for the Conference on Cyber Crime Control (c4).