ASCL Cyber Museum

Watch the history of all things cyber at ASCL's Cyber Museum

Watch the birth of the Internet, the first tweet, 'search' Google's past, experience the first ever cyber crime - watch the history of all things cyber at ASCL's Cyber Museum.

ASCL's Cyber Museum

ASCL's Cyber Museum

Currently the Cyber Museum has the following sections:

A. Internet

  1. Domain names & websites
  2. Protocols & RFCs that have shaped the Internet
  3. The history of Google

B. Social Media

  1. The history of social media
  2. Facebook Timeline
  3. Twitter Timeline

C. Cyber Crime

  1. The history of malware
  2. 2014 Cyber Crime Timeline


ASCL Star of the Month

ASCL Star of the Month

We are proud to bring to you the ASCL Star of the Month!

It's been 16 amazing years of ASCL. We have our students in all walks of life. And we take immense pride in them.

ASCL Star of the Month celebrates our students and their achievements.

ASCL Star of the Month is that person who has done something special in life.
Meaning? We want to know more about your achievements. They may be sports, work, cyberspace, academics, awards, or acts of bravery.

If you believe you deserve to be the ASCL Star of the Month, email us at

Take some time and send us a detailed email about why you should be ASCL Star of the Month and we will show it to the world. Add a cool photo of yours AND do remember to mention which course you pursued with ASCL.

The first ASCL Star of the Month will be for August 2015. You know what that means, don't you? We must have your nominations latest by the last day of July 2015. And don't worry if you don't make it this month, you can still send it in.

All ASCL students are special. Come be an ASCL Star!

The ASCL ecosystem

When you enrol for a premium plus course with Asian School of Cyber Laws (CCI+, CFA+, IPCL+, CT+), you don't get just a course. You get the super-awesome ASCL experience:

1. Mentor
Each plus student is allotted a mentor for guidance through the course. Your mentor is available through email, google hangout and whatsapp. ASCL mentors are experts with 15+ years of solid real-world experience in the field of cyber crime control and cyber law.

2. ASCL official courseware
All ASCL official courseware is designed, built and updated by experts with 15+ years of solid real-world experience in the field of cyber crime control and cyber law. ASCL official courseware is provided to students in digital as well as paper form.

3. ASCL Case studies
Our case studies are simulations based on actual cases that ASCL experts have solved over the last 16 years.

4. Reference material
Our reference material is curated by our experts from the best and most credible sources. This consists of research papers, eBooks, reports and more.

5. Contact classes
We conduct contact classes for our plus courses at Mumbai, Pune, Goa & Bangalore. These classes facilitate face-to-face interaction and query resolution with our experts. Contact classes also help you connect and network with other students.

As an ASCL student (and alumni) you get exclusive access to the Collaborative Online Investigation Network (COIN). This is an interactive platform empowering the world's enforcement agencies to tackle cyber crime & other cases involving digital evidence. COIN contains 1000+ checkpoints, info-blocks and warnings for investigation & forensics (cyber and non-cyber), field guides, a collaboration platform, intelligence network, suspect tracker and tons more. Check it out at

7. Conference on Cyber Crime Control (c4)
From 2016 onwards, plus students will get special access to India's #1 cyber crime control conference. For details on this year's conference, please visit:

8. Special projects
Our best students get opportunities to intern with enforcement agencies on cutting edge projects. They also get to work with the ASCL Cyber Task Force which identifies remedial, legal, legislative and policy solutions to problem issues in cyberspace.

9. Student of the month
Get global recognition by winning the ASCL student of the month award.

10. Special visits
We are working hard to set up special visits to some of the best forensic labs and investigation centers.

11. ASCL Alumni network
The ASCL Alumni network helps you to re-connect with former friends and classmates, network with ASCL alumni and even earn points for referring students to do ASCL courses.

Conference on Cyber Crime Control, 2015

The year 2014 saw some of the world's largest institutions fall prey to cyber crime - JP Morgan Chase, Sony, AT&T, eBay, Google, Apple, Dairy Queen International, Domino's Pizza and half of the South Korean population!

Hackers are now targeting cars, planes, ships, trains, medical devices, eWallets and even CCTV cameras and baby monitors.

2015 began with reports of an international hacking ring that has stolen $1 billion from more than 100 banks in 30 countries.

To deliberate on the global challenges posed by cyber crime, a 2-day Conference on Cyber Crime Control (c4) is being organised by:

  • Home Department, Govt. of Maharashtra,
  • Cyber Crime Wing of the Mumbai Police,
  • IIT Bombay and
  • Asian School of Cyber Laws.
To view the schedule etc, visit the conference website at:


c4 VIP invitees are expected from  Law enforcement agencies, Tax enforcement agencies, Central Government agencies, State Government agencies and National level organizations.

c4 Corporate delegates are expected from top Banks & Insurance companies, Technology companies, Internet & Telecom service providers, eCommerce companies and Manufacturing giants.

c4 is proposed to be an annual activity and its first edition features:

  • Sessions by experts
  • Panel discussions
  • Exhibition of forensic tools and technologies
  • Presentation of the Cyber Awards, 2015
  • Launch of the Collaborative Online Investigation Network

Some of the special c4 panel discussions

  • Panel Discussion on the new face of money
  • Panel Discussion on Cyber Crime: Banks perspective
  • Panel discussion on lessons learnt from the 2014 cyber attacks
  • Panel discussion on the Cyber Law ecosystem in India
  • Panel Discussion on Cyber Warfare & Defense

Some of the special c4 sessions

  • Hacking the world: planes, trains, cars, hospitals and more ...
  • Impact of Big Data and Cloud Computing on the Global Cyber Crime scenario
  • Godfather 2.0: How criminals are using the Internet.
To view the schedule etc, visit the conference website at:


To register as a delegate, visit:

For media invites, please email: