War of the Apps

War of the Apps

To help a billion people choose the perfect apps, ASCL has declared the War of the Apps. War of the Apps is an annual “mega-competition” where the public and experts will select the best apps in 42 categories.

War of the Apps is not just a competition. It's a war and the winners take it all.

Be it buying jewellery, books, computers or daal..... be it choosing a mobile wallet, insurance policy or a platinum ring ... there are hundreds of apps.

Smartphone users are too busy to experiment with dozens of apps and app-stores are full of "fake" and unreliable reviews and ratings.

War of the apps is an annual “mega-competition” where the public and experts will select the best apps in 42 categories.

The final list of winners will be showcased on the War of the Apps site so that users can instantly decide which app they should download and use for their specific needs.

War of the Apps is an unbiased platform to know which app is perfect for you.

So, whether it's a teenager from Rohtak looking to buy cosmetics, or a senior citizen from Mumbai looking for the best mobile wallet, War of the Apps has the answers.

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You are a citizen of the app world. Cast your vote and make a difference.
Voting starts 15 October.
To register as a voter (and win exciting prizes), go to: https://www.waroftheapps.com/voter.php

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Volunteers are the face of War of the Apps in their college / company.
Register as a volunteer and you could win exciting prizes including a chance to attend the gala awards night.
Voting starts 15 October.
To register as a volunteer (and win exciting prizes), go to: https://www.waroftheapps.com/volunteer.php

No ratings. No reviews. Only 1 best app in each category.

Manish Aggarwal

ASCL Star of the Month - Sep 2015


The ASCL Star of the Month for September 2015 is Manish Aggarwal!

With an aim to create awareness of cyber crimes, Manish Aggarwal, Special officer, Haryana State at Crime Control & Research, India is passionate about cyber security.

He started in 2012, when he enrolled in a certified ethical hacking course and scored 93% marks. From there started his journey into this vast field. He started his own educational NGO “Total Education Organization” which provides information security courses.

He passed various courses in cyber law which include the Cyber Crime Protection Program & Data Privacy Laws from ASCL and the Cyber Law India Program from LEAPcourses.com.

Recently, Manish took active participation in the Summer Internship Program of Cyber Crime Investigations held at Police Commissioner office Gurgaon and got an excellent grade.

Manish, you deserve to be proud of your achievements. May your future efforts be equally successful and rewarding.

You are a true ASCL Star of the Month!