Future Money Conference, 2016

Future Money Conference (India), 2016

On 23 May 2016 we organized the Future Money Conference (India). Sponsored by IBM and Contact Singapore, this was India’s first conference on Virtual Currencies, Blockchain and Fin-Tech.

Delegates were from 50+ banks, financial services companies, depositories, venture capitalists, Government & military agencies, insurance companies, IT companies, public sector companies and academic institutions.

Speakers / panelists were from Govt. of Maharashtra, Govt. of Karnataka, Securities and Exchange Board of India, National Payment Corporation of India, IBM Singapore and Asian School of Cyber Laws.

Photos from Future Money Conference (India), 2016

ASCL Star of the Month

ASCL Star of the Month - Oct 2015

The ASCL Star of the Month for October 2015 is Arthur George Aranha!

Arthur decided to learn Cyber Law at the age of 62 which is a challenge in itself! He was fascinated by the subject and thought it would be a different experience from that of Banking, which he was otherwise engaged in the past till his retirement. He says, “Sitting in a classroom with younger coursemates was a thrilling experience in itself!”.

Arthur enrolled for the Executive Programme in Cyber Law conducted by Asian School of Cyber Laws in 2012 and passed with flying colours. To continue the spirit of learning, he enrolled for a Certificate Course in Web designing and after successfully completing that, he designed his own websites and also created his channel on YouTube with videos on travel and tutorials on web designing for beginners.

Recently, he delivered a lecture on Banking and Cyber Laws at Office of the Commissioner of Police, Aurangabad. His lecture was attended by Police Inspectors from different police stations in the Aurangabad district. It provided him a forum to discuss the various provisions of Cyber Laws with the law enforcement agency.

He has now been invited to deliver a lecture on Cyber Law to Bankers and Police personnel at Gulbarga.

Says an enthusiastic Arthur, "I vividly recollect the inaugural session of the EPCL course by Rohas Nagpal which had an electrifying effect on me when he explained the types of online crimes and their impact. I believe ASCL will continue to train young minds in effectively handling the growing menace of cyber crimes."

Arthur, you deserve to be proud of your achievement. May your future efforts be equally successful and rewarding. We congratulate you and wish you the best as you embark on your next exciting learning adventure.

You are a true ASCL Star of the Month!

War of the Apps

War of the Apps

To help a billion people choose the perfect apps, ASCL has declared the War of the Apps. War of the Apps is an annual “mega-competition” where the public and experts will select the best apps in 42 categories.

War of the Apps is not just a competition. It's a war and the winners take it all.

Be it buying jewellery, books, computers or daal..... be it choosing a mobile wallet, insurance policy or a platinum ring ... there are hundreds of apps.

Smartphone users are too busy to experiment with dozens of apps and app-stores are full of "fake" and unreliable reviews and ratings.

War of the apps is an annual “mega-competition” where the public and experts will select the best apps in 42 categories.

The final list of winners will be showcased on the War of the Apps site so that users can instantly decide which app they should download and use for their specific needs.

War of the Apps is an unbiased platform to know which app is perfect for you.

So, whether it's a teenager from Rohtak looking to buy cosmetics, or a senior citizen from Mumbai looking for the best mobile wallet, War of the Apps has the answers.

Register as a Voter

You are a citizen of the app world. Cast your vote and make a difference.
Voting starts 15 October.
To register as a voter (and win exciting prizes), go to: https://www.waroftheapps.com/voter.php

Register as a Volunteer

Volunteers are the face of War of the Apps in their college / company.
Register as a volunteer and you could win exciting prizes including a chance to attend the gala awards night.
Voting starts 15 October.
To register as a volunteer (and win exciting prizes), go to: https://www.waroftheapps.com/volunteer.php

No ratings. No reviews. Only 1 best app in each category.

Manish Aggarwal

ASCL Star of the Month - Sep 2015


The ASCL Star of the Month for September 2015 is Manish Aggarwal!

With an aim to create awareness of cyber crimes, Manish Aggarwal, Special officer, Haryana State at Crime Control & Research, India is passionate about cyber security.

He started in 2012, when he enrolled in a certified ethical hacking course and scored 93% marks. From there started his journey into this vast field. He started his own educational NGO “Total Education Organization” which provides information security courses.

He passed various courses in cyber law which include the Cyber Crime Protection Program & Data Privacy Laws from ASCL and the Cyber Law India Program from LEAPcourses.com.

Recently, Manish took active participation in the Summer Internship Program of Cyber Crime Investigations held at Police Commissioner office Gurgaon and got an excellent grade.

Manish, you deserve to be proud of your achievements. May your future efforts be equally successful and rewarding.

You are a true ASCL Star of the Month!

ASCL Star of the Month

ASCL Star of the Month

We are proud to bring to you the ASCL Star of the Month!

It's been 16 amazing years of ASCL. We have our students in all walks of life. And we take immense pride in them.

ASCL Star of the Month celebrates our students and their achievements.

ASCL Star of the Month is that person who has done something special in life.
Meaning? We want to know more about your achievements. They may be sports, work, cyberspace, academics, awards, or acts of bravery.

If you believe you deserve to be the ASCL Star of the Month, email us at info@asianlaws.org.

Take some time and send us a detailed email about why you should be ASCL Star of the Month and we will show it to the world. Add a cool photo of yours AND do remember to mention which course you pursued with ASCL.

The first ASCL Star of the Month will be for August 2015. You know what that means, don't you? We must have your nominations latest by the last day of July 2015. And don't worry if you don't make it this month, you can still send it in.

All ASCL students are special. Come be an ASCL Star!

Conference on Cyber Crime Control, 2015

The year 2014 saw some of the world's largest institutions fall prey to cyber crime - JP Morgan Chase, Sony, AT&T, eBay, Google, Apple, Dairy Queen International, Domino's Pizza and half of the South Korean population!

Hackers are now targeting cars, planes, ships, trains, medical devices, eWallets and even CCTV cameras and baby monitors.

2015 began with reports of an international hacking ring that has stolen $1 billion from more than 100 banks in 30 countries.

To deliberate on the global challenges posed by cyber crime, a 2-day Conference on Cyber Crime Control (c4) is being organised by:

  • Home Department, Govt. of Maharashtra,
  • Cyber Crime Wing of the Mumbai Police,
  • IIT Bombay and
  • Asian School of Cyber Laws.
To view the schedule etc, visit the conference website at: www.cyber.edu.in


c4 VIP invitees are expected from  Law enforcement agencies, Tax enforcement agencies, Central Government agencies, State Government agencies and National level organizations.

c4 Corporate delegates are expected from top Banks & Insurance companies, Technology companies, Internet & Telecom service providers, eCommerce companies and Manufacturing giants.

c4 is proposed to be an annual activity and its first edition features:

  • Sessions by experts
  • Panel discussions
  • Exhibition of forensic tools and technologies
  • Presentation of the Cyber Awards, 2015
  • Launch of the Collaborative Online Investigation Network

Some of the special c4 panel discussions

  • Panel Discussion on the new face of money
  • Panel Discussion on Cyber Crime: Banks perspective
  • Panel discussion on lessons learnt from the 2014 cyber attacks
  • Panel discussion on the Cyber Law ecosystem in India
  • Panel Discussion on Cyber Warfare & Defense

Some of the special c4 sessions

  • Hacking the world: planes, trains, cars, hospitals and more ...
  • Impact of Big Data and Cloud Computing on the Global Cyber Crime scenario
  • Godfather 2.0: How criminals are using the Internet.
To view the schedule etc, visit the conference website at: www.cyber.edu.in


To register as a delegate, visit: http://cyber.edu.in/c4_register.php

For media invites, please email: c4@asianlaws.org

ASCL Cyber Awards, 2015

Asian School of Cyber Laws (ASCL) proudly announces the launch of the ASCL Cyber Awards to commend people, organizations and technologies that have made cyberspace more vibrant and safe.

Series 1 of the ASCL Cyber Awards, 2015 will be awarded on July 28, 2015 in the following categories:

Category 1: Cyber Celebrity of the Year

This award will be given to that popular celebrity who has used his / her celebrity status and work to create cyber awareness amongst the public.

Category 2: Cyber Guru of the Year

This will be awarded to the person who has created a mass movement in cyber awareness amongst the public through lectures and training sessions.

Category 3: Cyber Journalist of the Year

This will be awarded to journalists who have made a significant contribution towards increasing awareness about cyber crime and cyber safety. Languages for the Cyber Journalist of the Year, 2015 awards are English, Gujarat, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi and Tamil.

Cyber Awards, 2015 will be presented on 28th July, 2015 at the Conference on Cyber Crime Control - c4.

Cyber Crime Challenge, 2015

Cyber Crime Challenge, 2015

ASCL announces the meanest Cyber Crime Challenge ever!

The Cyber Crime Challenge, 2015 is a 17 hour online competition that
begins at 1100 hrs (IST) on 17 May 2015.

To win, you must investigate and solve 7 simulated cyber crime cases
within the 17 hour period

Check out: http://www.cyber.edu.in/c3/

Your login credentials and access to the evidence files will be provided to you an hour before the challenge begins.

Watch the C3 video!