Math Money: A simple introduction to crypto-currencies

Math Money : A simple introduction to crypto-currencies

Crypto-currencies (bitcoin et al) have caught the attention of Governments, enforcement agencies, geeks and the general public.

This document provides a simple introduction to crypto-currencies and briefly introduces terms such as cryptography, hash functions, proof-of-work, digital signatures, mining, merkle root & tree, crypto-currency addresses and wallets.

This document is intended for the novice reader and may suffer from errors inherent when a complex topic is (over?) simplified.

Download the document (PDF: 164 KB) from:

The ASCL ecosystem

When you enrol for a premium plus course with Asian School of Cyber Laws (CCI+, CFA+, IPCL+, CT+), you don't get just a course. You get the super-awesome ASCL experience:

1. Mentor
Each plus student is allotted a mentor for guidance through the course. Your mentor is available through email, google hangout and whatsapp. ASCL mentors are experts with 15+ years of solid real-world experience in the field of cyber crime control and cyber law.

2. ASCL official courseware
All ASCL official courseware is designed, built and updated by experts with 15+ years of solid real-world experience in the field of cyber crime control and cyber law. ASCL official courseware is provided to students in digital as well as paper form.

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Our case studies are simulations based on actual cases that ASCL experts have solved over the last 16 years.

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Our reference material is curated by our experts from the best and most credible sources. This consists of research papers, eBooks, reports and more.

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As an ASCL student (and alumni) you get exclusive access to the Collaborative Online Investigation Network (COIN). This is an interactive platform empowering the world's enforcement agencies to tackle cyber crime & other cases involving digital evidence. COIN contains 1000+ checkpoints, info-blocks and warnings for investigation & forensics (cyber and non-cyber), field guides, a collaboration platform, intelligence network, suspect tracker and tons more. Check it out at

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7 steps to building an awesome career in cyber crime control

2014 was the most active year as far as cyber criminals are concerned.

The victims were some of the world's largest banks, retailers, online businesses, entertainment companies, telecom giants, insurance companies, hospitals, oil companies & aerospace companies.

And governments, municipalities, tax departments, police departments and super-secret agencies.

And countless cars, CCTV cameras & bitcoin wallets.

And the list goes on...

The massive hacks and cyber-attacks of 2014 have led to a huge increase in awareness about the impact of cyber crime.

Companies, law enforcement and individuals have begun to realise the urgent need for expertise in cyber crime investigation, computer forensics, cyber law and cyber security.

In such an environment it's not too difficult to build a super-awesome career in cyber crime control if you follow these 7 steps:

1. Create awesome content

  • Write great articles and submit them to popular websites, blogs, magazines and journals.
  • Develop interesting case studies and pose these challenges on public forums.
  • Also work on cutting edge research papers concerning latest advancements in cyber crime control.
  • Answer questions and raise discussions on platforms such as Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

2. Network like a champ

Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. Ultimately, it's not just what you know, it's also who you know that matters.

  • Join relevant industry organizations.
  • Learn to use Linkedin like a pro.

3. Attend conferences

Conferences are a great platform for learning from the gurus, information sharing and networking.

It's even better if you get a chance to speak at good conferences.

4. Help the local police

Volunteer with the local police and make sure you do a great job helping them crack cases and spreading awareness.

They may not give you any money, but it will be great for your branding and also open up possible avenues to work full-time with law enforcement agencies all over the country.

5. Spread awareness in schools and colleges

Volunteer to give cyber crime and security awareness lectures in schools and colleges. It will do a world of good for your reputation as an expert in the field.

6. Go social

  • Build and maintain an awesome profile on popular social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Maintain a blog and regularly post relevant news and articles.
  • Maintain and regularly update a personal website.

7. Spread the word about ASCL

You have worked really hard to get certified from Asian School of Cyber Laws. Your credibility will grow enormously when you assert yourself as part of an organization that is a global pioneer in the field of cyber law and cyber crime investigation. Ensure that the certification you receive from ASCL receives the appreciation it deserves.

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