• Duration5 days
  • Date11-15 Jan
  • FeeINR 5,000


In 2008, the 9-page Bitcoin whitepaper disrupted money forever… but most people were skeptical about the future of cryptocurrencies.

Cut to January 2021 and Bitcoin has become the 7th largest currency in the world!

The crypto sector is booming. Everybody wants a piece of the action. But crypto investing is not simple. It’s really complex.

🔥   Crypto investments require a lot of technical knowledge.
🔥   Crypto-currencies are extremely volatile.
🔥   Many crypto assets have low liquidity.
🔥   If your crypto account / wallet gets hacked, you have almost no legal options.
🔥   Many crypto exchanges are not regulated and can vanish with your money.
🔥   Cryptocurrencies are outright illegal in some countries.

Don't invest in crypto... till you take the Crypto Masterclass from Primechain.

Here's what you get when you take the "Crypto Masterclass":

  • 1 hour live lecture each day (6pm to 7pm IST)
  • 30 to 60 min homework each day
  • Invitation to a private Facebook group (invite-only) for the latest advice, news, and tips.


  • Types of money — Fiat, CBDC, B-Money, E-Money, I-Money, Crypto
  • Essential tech concepts — cryptography, keys, digital signatures, hash, Merkle, proof of work, mining, difficulty, address, wallet, blockchain, forks, smart contracts​.
  • DeFi​
  • Stablecoins​
  • Top Crypto Currencies
  • Top Stablecoins
  • Crypto derivatives
  • Crypto “wrapped” shares
  • Crypto Wallets​
  • How to keep your crypto safe​
  • Exchanges — Spot, Derivatives, and DEX
  • Resources for crypto investors