CyberLaw Ecosystem


    The Computer Misuse Act penalizes several cyber crimes including unauthorised access to computer material, unauthorised modification of computer material, unauthorised use / interception of computer service, unauthorised disclosure of access code etc. It also provides for enhanced punishment for offences involving protected computers.

    The Criminal Procedure Code empowers a police officer to access a computer suspected of being used for criminal purposes.

    The Cybersecurity Act regulates owners of critical information infrastructure, and regulates to cybersecurity service providers. It also authorises measures to prevent, manage and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents. The Cybersecurity (Critical Information Infrastructure) Regulations 2018 is also related to this issue.

    The Evidence Act was amended in 2012, to do away with outdated and cumbersome requirements for admitting computer output as evidence, and to replace these with presumptions regarding the authenticity of electronic records.

    The Remote Gambling Act regulates remote gambling services.