Internet Investigation Specialist

Internet Investigation Specialist is an expert level 6-month digital mode course conducted by Asian School of Cyber Laws (ASCL).

As an Internet Investigation Specialist, you will be able to investigate Web attacks, Emails, Crypto-currencies, Internet browsers & artifacts, Google services and Social Media platforms.

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Course details

    Course fee
    Rs. 10,000

    Next batch
    The next batch is IIS-A4:
    Starts: 1-Jan-2020
    Ends: 30-Jun-2020

    Last date for receipt of online application forms (inclusive of fees and documents) is 30-Nov-2019.

    Graduate in any discipline.

    Course material is provided in digital form - videos, case studies, checklists and documents.

    Digital mode.

    Awarded by Asian School of Cyber Laws™.

    Course credits
    This is a 3 credit course and students are expected to finish this in 45 hours.

    100 mark online assessments. Score at least 70% to pass.

    Course Syllabus

    • Internet and World Wide Web Basics
    • Cyber Crimes & Hack attacks
    • ASCL Case Files
    • Tools for Investigators
    • Email & Google Investigation
    • Browser Investigation
    • Log Analysis
    • Social Media Investigation
    • Cloud Investigation
    • Blockchain & Bitcoin Investigation

Target Audience

    Internet Investigators are an integral part of Information Security teams, Incident Response teams, and Fraud Control teams.

    These teams are crucial in Audit firms, Banks, eCommerce companies, Government agencies, and IT companies.

    Internet Investigators are also required by Police Forces, Enforcement agencies, and Military agencies

Did you know?

  • Ransomware costs the world billions of dollars a year.

  • More than 75% of organizations face phishing attacks.

  • More than 90% of malware is delivered via email.

  • An average internet user receives 16 malicious emails per month.

  • Email spoofing is used to commit mandate frauds to the tune of billions of dollars every year.

  • Hundreds of drug and weapon dealers were unmasked using hidden exif and geolocation data from pictures used in advertisements placed on dark web markets.

  • Cryptojacking (the exploitation of internet users’ bandwidth and processing power to mine cryptocurrencies) is an emerging cybercrime trend.

  • Cryptomining malware can cripple a victims system by monopolising their processing power.