Internet Investigation Specialist

Internet Investigation Specialist

Become an expert in Internet Investigation. Learn about Blockchain & Bitcoin Investigation, Cloud Investigation, Log Analysis, Browser Investigation, Google Ecosystem Investigation, Email Investigation and more.

Internet Investigators are an integral part of Information Security teams, Incident Response teams, and Fraud Control teams. These teams are crucial in Audit firms, Banks, eCommerce companies, Government agencies, and IT companies. Internet Investigators are also required by Police Forces, Enforcement agencies, and Military agencies.

Eligibility: Graduate in any discipline.

Assessments: 100 mark online exam. Score at least 70% to pass.

Last Date for Application: 30th Sep 2020

Did you know?
  • Ransomware costs the world billions of dollars a year.

  • More than 75% of organizations face phishing attacks.

  • More than 90% of malware is delivered via email.

  • An average internet user receives 16 malicious emails per month.

  • Email spoofing is used to commit mandate frauds to the tune of billions of dollars every year.

  • Hundreds of drug and weapon dealers were unmasked using hidden exif and geolocation data from pictures used in advertisements placed on dark web markets.

  • Cryptojacking (the exploitation of internet users’ bandwidth and processing power to mine cryptocurrencies) is an emerging cybercrime trend.

  • Cryptomining malware can cripple a victims system by monopolising their processing power.

This course is suitable for:

  • IT Professionals
  • Police Officers
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • IT students

Internet and WWW Basics

  • Intro to Internet & WWW
  • History of the Internet
  • How the Internet is managed
  • Understanding IP addresses
  • Website creation and hosting
  • ASCL Domain Records Tool

Cyber Crimes & Hack attacks

  • Hacking the World
  • Cyber Threats
  • SQL injections
  • Phishing attacks
  • A2Z of Cyber Crime
  • Carbanak malware

Tools for Investigators

  • Using Internet Archive
  • Using VirusTotal
  • Using EXIF Viewer & Remover
  • Using UltraTools
  • Using Hash Calculator
  • Using Flightradar24
  • Using Password Meter

Email Investigation

  • Analysing email headers
  • Getting email headers
  • Investigating Proton Mail

Google Investigation

  • Investigating Google ecosystem
  • Gmail investigation

Browser Investigation

  • Chrome Extensions
  • Using Nimbus
  • Using Wappalyzer
  • Using Live HTTP Headers
  • Using Web Historian
  • Chrome investigation checklist
  • Firefox investigation checklist
  • Safari investigation checklist

Log Analysis

  • Using XAMPP
  • Linux Log Analysis
  • FTP Server Log Analysis
  • Web Server Log Analysis

Cloud Investigation

  • Intro to Cloud Computing
  • Cloud-hosted Social Platform
  • Challenges in Cloud Forensics

Blockchain & Bitcoin Investigation

  • Multichain demo
  • Investigating Bitcoin
  • Intro to Bitcoin & Blockchain

ASCL Case Files

  • ASCL Mega Model Hunt
  • Solution to Model Hunt case
  • Cake Express
  • Solution to Cake Express
  • Counter Strike
  • Try SQL injection

Internet Investigation Checklists

  • Facebook investigation checklist
  • Instagram investigation checklist
  • LinkedIn investigation checklist
  • Pinterest investigation checklist
  • Twitter investigation checklist
  • Snapchat investigation checklist