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7 quick steps to safe ATM use

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  1. Use the same ATM machine for your transactions. You should become familiar with the machine so that you can recognize changes to the machine.
  2. Use ATM machines located inside banks rather than on the street. The one’s on the street are easier for criminals to access.
  3. Never use an ATM machine when ‘suspicious looking’ people are lingering in the vicinity.
  4. If you are using an unfamiliar ATM machine, especially one that is not inside a bank, examine it carefully. Look for ‘extra’ cameras and other devices – card or cash trapping devices need to be glued or taped to the card reader or cash dispenser.
  5. Do NOT rely on the help of a stranger to retrieve a confiscated card.
  6. Report confiscated cards immediately. Call the bank before leaving the machine.
  7. Be wary of ATM machines with too many notices posted on the machine.


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