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Conference on Cyber Crime Control, 2015

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The year 2014 saw some of the world’s largest institutions fall prey to cyber crime – JP Morgan Chase, Sony, AT&T, eBay, Google, Apple, Dairy Queen International, Domino’s Pizza and half of the South Korean population!

Hackers are now targeting cars, planes, ships, trains, medical devices, eWallets and even CCTV cameras and baby monitors.

2015 began with reports of an international hacking ring that has stolen $1 billion from more than 100 banks in 30 countries.

To deliberate on the global challenges posed by cyber crime, a 2-day Conference on Cyber Crime Control (c4) is being organised by:

  • Home Department, Govt. of Maharashtra,
  • Cyber Crime Wing of the Mumbai Police,
  • IIT Bombay and
  • Asian School of Cyber Laws.

c4 VIP invitees are expected from  Law enforcement agencies, Tax enforcement agencies, Central Government agencies, State Government agencies and National level organizations.

c4 Corporate delegates are expected from top Banks & Insurance companies, Technology companies, Internet & Telecom service providers, eCommerce companies and Manufacturing giants.

c4 is proposed to be an annual activity and its first edition features:

  • Sessions by experts
  • Panel discussions
  • Exhibition of forensic tools and technologies
  • Presentation of the Cyber Awards, 2015
  • Launch of the Collaborative Online Investigation Network

Some of the special c4 panel discussions

  • Panel Discussion on the new face of money
  • Panel Discussion on Cyber Crime: Banks perspective
  • Panel discussion on lessons learnt from the 2014 cyber attacks
  • Panel discussion on the Cyber Law ecosystem in India
  • Panel Discussion on Cyber Warfare & Defense

Some of the special c4 sessions

  • Hacking the world: planes, trains, cars, hospitals and more …
  • Impact of Big Data and Cloud Computing on the Global Cyber Crime scenario
  • Godfather 2.0: How criminals are using the Internet.
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