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WIPO PROOF: First Proof of Digital Asset Existence

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WIPO PROOF – Introduction

Innovation and creation in today’s highly digitised world are activities that are often global and team based. Each such process creates tonnes of data files that contain intellectual content, valuable content. These can fall prey to corporate espionage and misuse. These data assets could include trade secrets to scripts, musical scores and other creative works, to research results, large data sets, artificial intelligence algorithms, or any business record. WIPO PROOF provides an awesome tool for proving the existence of an asset’s digital files at each specific point in time, helping reduce the risk of future legal battles, as well as laying a foundation for any eventual registration of a formal IP right.

“In a highly dynamic global economy where value is increasingly based on human activity enabled by digital technologies and big data, it is critical to be able to prove that you were in possession of your intellectual asset’s digital files. WIPO PROOF helps innovators and creators better protect their digital outputs and represents a significant step in expanding WIPO’s suite of services that meet the demands of the digital economy.”

WIPO Director General Francis Gurry


This is a global, simple to use service that quickly generates proof of the existence of a digital asset at a specific point in time. This is tamper proof evidence of the asset’s / file’s existence. This service basically creates a date-and-time-stamped digital fingerprint of the file, which is called a WIPO PROOF token. Tokens can be purchased individually or bundles of multiple tokens can be purchased.

These tokens can be later used to establish the existence of a digital asset / file in a legal dispute. This can help to prevent misuse or misappropriation even when no formal intellectual property registration exists.

Watch the video below to understand more about WIPO PROOF.

How does WIPO PROOF work?

Anyone can request a WIPO PROOF token from WIPO’s secure website for a digital asset. The site does not read the content of the asset nor stores a copy.

WIPO PROOF Token Creation Process

WIPO PROOF’s secure, one-way algorithm interacts locally with the requestor’s browser to create a unique digital fingerprint of the file. Then, once the token is created, anyone can validate the token.

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WIPO PROOF could be the next step in providing trusted and verifiable evidence in disputes and litigation over the existence and reliability of digital assets / files and any or potential intellectual property rights arising from them. This is also a step in the right direction for cases where digital evidence proves crucial.

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Do let me know your thoughts on this great new system and how it may be utilised.

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