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26 crazy Facebook crimes

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You can love Facebook or you can hate it. But you can’t ignore it. And nothing proves it better than these crazy Facebook crimes.

  1. Dylan Osborn was sentenced to 10 days of imprisonment for sending a Facebook “friend request” to his wife, who had previously obtained a restraining order against him. (USA)
  2. Fouad Mourtada, a 26-year-old engineer was arrested and later jailed in Morocco for posing as the king’s younger brother on Facebook, the state news agency said. The charge against him was of “villainous practices linked to the alleged theft of the identity” of Prince Moulay Rachid. (Morocco)
  3. Two Americans (Vanessa Palm and Alexander Rust) holidaying in the Bahamas, were arrested after posting pictures of themselves eating iguanas. Iguanas are protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. (Bahamas)
  4. Adam Mann murdered his ex-wife, Lisa Beverley because she taunted him on Facebook by calling him “a joke”. (USA)
  5. Jonathan G. Parker, a burglar, broke into someone’s house and then logged in to his Facebook account using the victim’s computer. The police were able to trace him because he forgot to log out! (USA)
  6. A student was fined under Canadian underage drinking laws when he posted photos of himself, holding a beer, on Facebook. (Canada)
  7. Brian Lewis killed his wife, Hayley Jones after she changed her Facebook profile from “married” to “single”. (USA)
  8. Corey Christian Adams, a 19-year-old, tried to use Facebook to hire a contract killer to murder a girl who had accused him of rape. Amongst other things, he was jailed for criminal solicitation of murder. Some of the posts said “I got 500 on a girls head who wants that bread?”, “Hit me up any way possible”, “needed this girl knocked off right now.” (USA)
  9. Paul Bristol murdered his girl-friend Camille Mathurasingh after she posted a photo, on her Facebook page, with another man. (USA)
  10. Farah NurArafah, an 18-year-old, was given a 75-day suspended jail sentence for calling her friend a “promiscuous, overweight pig” on Facebook. (Indonesia)
  11. Ahmad Shuman was arrested for creating a Facebook page criticizing Lebanese President Michel Sleiman. (Beirut).
  12. Ms Phoebe Prince, a school student committed suicide due to excessive cyberbullying that went on for months. She had been receiving abusive text messages and was being harassed on her Facebook wall. (Massachusetts, USA)
  13. Vikas Mavhudzi was arrested for “subverting a constitutional government” when he posted a Facebook message in support of the protests in Egypt. (Zimbabwe)
  14. Mark Musarella, a medical technician posted on Facebook, the photograph of the corpse of a strangled victim at a crime scene, while on duty. He was fired from his job, sentenced with 200 hours of community service, and banned from ever becoming an emergency medical technician again. (New York, USA)
  15. Ambikesh Mahapatra, a Chemistry professor at Jadavpur University, was arrested for forwarding a cartoon featuring the West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee. (India)
  16. Two Air India cabin crew members were arrested and jailed for 12 days for posting “derogatory” remarks against the Prime Minister’s Office, the national flag and the Supreme Court while commenting on a strike by Air India pilots. (India).
  17. Carl Bielby was jailed for 22 months for setting up fake Facebook profiles to “groom” and target pre-teen girls. He sent several indecent messages to these girls. When he was arrested, the police recovered indecent videos, of a young girl, from his mobile phone (UK)
  18. Ceri Shipman was jailed for creating and using fake Facebook accounts. These fake accounts were created in the names of two women who had been raped by her boyfriend, Jason Savage. She created these accounts to send false messages to herself. The messages claimed that the victims had made false allegations about the rape. (UK,)
  19. Jaya Vindyala, a lawyer and president of the Andhra Pradesh unit of People’s Union for Civil Liberties, was arrested for her comments against A Krishnamohan, a Congress MLA from Chirala in Prakasam district. Ms. Vindyala had accused the MLA of being involved in child trafficking, ganja mafia, sand mafia, and land mafia. (Hyderabad, India)
  20. Atul Mehta, a property dealer, was arrested for circulating jokes on Sikhs. He was booked for “hurting religious sentiments” and for sending “offensive electronic messages”. (Amritsar, India)
  21. A 16-year-old girl allegedly murdered her best friend by stabbing her in the back 65 times after she was outraged over a Facebook dispute. Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez was furious after she came to know that her friend Anel Baez had uploaded nude pictures of the duo on the social networking site. (UK)
  22. Yogesh Kumar was arrested for publishing photos on Facebook, which were religiously offensive, with an account with a different name than his own. He was charged with ‘misrepresentation and sending offensive messages through communication devices’. (Rajasthan, India)
  23. Rajeesh Kumar, a local politician was arrested for posting offensive photos on Facebook, of Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. He was charged with ‘sending offensive messages through communication devices and sending obscene material through communication devices’. (Kollam, India)
  24. A youth was sentenced to 3 years in prison and was levied with a fine of Rs. 20,000 for posting obscene and defamatory pictures of a woman on Facebook. He was punished for ‘publishing obscene material on electronic media’. (Bhopal, India)
  25. A 22-year-old girl was arrested for creating 8 fake profiles on Facebook for posting sexually explicit pictures of other girls. She was held for ‘misrepresentation and publishing obscene material on electronic media’ (Goa, India)
  26. A 27-year old mechanic is facing a 32-year jail term for ‘liking’ a morphed image, of Thailand’s king, on Facebook. The mechanic has confessed to charges of sedition, lese majeste and computer crimes. (Thailand)


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