The best Cyber courses since 1999

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Asian School of Cyber Laws™

The best cyber courses since 1999.
Diploma in Cyber Law, Digital Evidence Specialist, Internet Investigation Specialist, Cyber Security Specialist, Cyber Crime Prosecution & Defence, Program in Intellectual Property Law,

Diploma in Cyber Law

Diploma in Cyber LawBasic course in Cyber Law recognised by the Government of Maharashtra and conducted jointly with GLC Mumbai.

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Digital Evidence Specialist

Digital Evidence SpecialistAs a Digital Evidence Specialist, you will be able to present evidence in court from 100+ sources of digital evidence.

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Cyber Investigation Specialist

Internet Investigation SpecialistInvestigate Web attacks, Emails, Crypto-currencies, Internet browsers & artifacts, Google services and Social Media platforms..

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Cyber Crime Prosecution & Defence

Cyber Crime Prosecution & DefenceExpert level course for judges, prosecutors and defence lawyers.

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Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber Security SpecialistThis is a specialist level course in cyber security audit & implementation and is suitable for IT professionals.

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Program in Intellectual Property Law

Program in Intellectual Property LawThis is a highly practical course covering the Indian intellectual property law and is suitable for law students and professionals.

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