Diploma in Cyber Law

Basic course in Cyber Law recognised by the Government of Maharashtra and conducted jointly with the Government Law College, Mumbai (GLC).

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Did you know?

  • From the privacy of your personal data stored with Aadhar to your online movie booking. From your child's Instagram posts to your demat share trading account. From the legality of drones to Uber tracking your movements.....cyber law governs your entire world.

  • You are affected by cyber law if you use digital technologies - apps, email, social media, smartphones, online banking, online shopping etc.

  • India's cyber law ecosystem is very mature and comprises the Information Technology Act (and its allied Acts, Orders, Guidelines, Regulations and Rules), Indian Penal Code, Indian Evidence Act, Bankers’ Book Evidence Act and more. (Details)

Course Syllabus

  • Fundamentals of Cyber Law
    This section introduces the concept of Cyber Law and covers the Legislative, Judicial, Quasi-judicial, Investigative and International Cyber Law Framework.

  • E-commerce-Legal issues
    This section covers Electronic Contracts and the technical and legal issues relating to Digital Signatures.

  • Intellectual Property Issues & Cyber space
    This section covers Computer Software & Copyright Law, Software Licenses, Computer Databases & the Law, Domain Names & the Law, Trademark issues in Cyberspace and Semiconductor Layout & Design Law

  • Cyber Crime Law in India:
    This section covers the legal issues pertaining to Cyber Frauds, Computer Source Code, Cyber Pornography, Cyber Terrorism, Data Privacy & confidentiality, Digital Signature, Freedom of speech, Information & Traffic Data, Intermediaries, Malware, Unauthorised Access and Violation of privacy.

Course introduction

    Diploma in Cyber Law is a basic course in Cyber Law recognised by the Government of Maharashtra and conducted jointly with the Government Law College, Mumbai (GLC).

    This course was launched in 2004. In the last 15 years it has been completed by more than 25,000 participants.

    GLC, established in 1855, has the distinction of being the oldest law college in Asia. ASCL, born in 1999, has assisted the Government of India in framing draft rules and regulations under the Information Technology Act.

Course details

    Course fee
    Rs. 6,500

    Next batch
    The next batch is GLC-D57:
    Starts: 1-July-2019
    Ends: 31-December-2019

    Last date for receipt of online application forms (inclusive of fees and documents) is 15-June-2019.

    HSC or equivalent. Indian citizens residing in India.

    Course material is provided in printed / electronic form. View sample

    Digital mode.

    Awarded jointly by Government Law College, Mumbai and Asian School of Cyber Laws™.

    A 100 mark open-book exam ONLINE. Score at least 40% to pass.