Cyber Law Quiz

Q1. A contract is disputed, with one party claiming it was amended via WhatsApp messages. Can WhatsApp messages be submitted as evidence in court disputes over contracts?
Q2. A developer creates a new software application and releases it to the public. Does the developer have copyright protection for the software?
Q3. Someone's credit card information is stolen and used to make unauthorized purchases online. Is this a cybercrime?
Q4. A woman repeatedly sends threatening emails to another woman. Is this cyber stalking?
Q5. A customer orders a product online but receives a counterfeit item. Is this a violation of e-commerce laws?
Q6. A financial influencer provides investment advice on social media without disclosing payment from companies mentioned. Is this legal?
Q7. A website uses cookies to track users' browsing habits without their explicit consent. Is this a privacy violation?
Q8. A government agency monitors the online activities of citizens without obtaining a warrant. Is this legal?
Q9. A hacker gains unauthorised access to a secure government network. Is this a cybercrime?
Q10. An online retailer collects customers' personal data but fails to secure it properly, leading to a data breach. Are e-commerce platforms legally required to implement strong data protection measures?