Data Protection Law Quiz

Q1. Raj uploaded his CV to a job portal. Is his CV considered "personal data"?
Q2. An NGO's database was hacked, exposing donor details. Is this a "data breach"?
Q3. Maya's health app tracks her daily steps and sleep. Who's the "data fiduciary"?
Q4. A bank collects customer data to assess loan eligibility. What's this "specified purpose"?
Q5. A school digitizes student records. Is this "processing" of data?
Q6. Arjun filled a printed form for attending a seminar. The organisers then digitised the forms. Is this information "digital personal data"?
Q7. A cloud service stores company data. Who's the "data processor"?
Q8. A hospital collects patient data for treatment and also uses it for research. Is research the "specified purpose" for collection of this data?
Q9. A retailer deletes customer data post-purchase. Is this "processing of data"?
Q10. Neha provided her address for product delivery. Is this "personal data"?