Biggest Cyber Threat to Teenagers

Wednesday, 21st February, 2024

What is the highest growing cybercrime affecting your teenager? Find out here!

1. What is Sextortion?

Explicit images and videos of teens are used to blackmail them and extort money or sexual favours.

Teenagers are groomed to get these images and videos from them. The fraudsters befriend them online, support them, listen to them and even give them gifts...till it is impossible to say no when the teenager is asked for personal photos.

2. Victims feel

❌ Fear of exposure
❌ Fear of criticism
❌ Immense stress

3. What can Parents do?

✅ Have open conversations - it happens. Don't hide. Talk about it.
✅ Warn teens about oversharing
✅ If it happens, report it!

4. Cyber Law that may apply

Information Technology Act
✅ Section 66E - Violation of privacy
✅ Section 67 - publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form

Indian Penal Code
✅ Section 354C - Voyeurism
✅ Section 354D - Stalking
✅ Section 384 - Extortion
✅ Section 506 - Criminal intimidation