Dating Frauds & Cyber Law

Thursday, 08th February, 2024
Author: Shuchi Nagpal

1. What is a Dating Fraud?

In a dating fraud, scammers make a fake profile, set up a romantic relationship with the victim and gain their trust.

Then they emotionally blackmail the victim into sending money or personal information, often making up stories for financial help.

2. New Twist

In Delhi, a man got a first date through a dating app. The girl chose a specific restaurant. She ordered a hookah, cocktails, and nachos.

He got a huge bill of Rs. 10,000!! Upon protesting, he was assaulted by the restaurant staff, forced to pay Rs 8,000, and hand over his car keys and phone.

3. The Emotional Toll

Victims experience:
❌ Betrayal
❌ Shame
❌ Heartbreak
❌ Depression
❌ Anxiety
❌ Loss of trust
❌ Loneliness

4. Our Secret Tips

✅ Verify: do a Google search. Too little info? Be careful!
✅ Be suspicious: Is your romance moving too fast?
✅ Never send money: whatever the reason.
✅ Don’t share private pics too early in the relationship

5. Cyber Law in Action

Section 66C of the Information Technology Act: Identity theft if the scammer uses someone else’s ID.

Section 66D of the Information Technology Act: Punishment for cheating using computer resource

Section 415 of the Indian Penal Code: Cheating

Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code: Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property): If the scammer cheats and induces the victim to deliver any property.