Mootcourt Workshop conducted at Saveetha School of Law

Tuesday, 04th June, 2024


Asian School of Cyber Laws and Saveetha School of Law, Chennai organised a three day workshop on the art of Mooting.

Mr. Gokul Narayan, COO, Asian School of Cyber Laws, engaged with the students and delivered brilliant sessions on the requisite techniques of efficient mooting.

Topics discussed and taught in the workshop included:

1. Introduction to Moot Court Competitions

✅ Overview of moot court
✅ Importance and benefits of participating
✅ Different types of moot court competitions (national, international, specialized)
✅ Understanding the Moot Problem

2. Reading and analyzing the moot problem

✅ Identifying key legal issues and questions
✅ Researching relevant laws, cases, and legal principles
✅ Legal Research and Writing

3. Effective legal research techniques

✅ Writing memorials or briefs
✅ Structuring arguments and counterarguments
✅ Citing sources properly
✅ Drafting Memorials

4. Formatting and presentation requirements

✅ Writing the statement of facts
✅ Formulating legal arguments and analysis
✅ Crafting the prayer for relief
✅ Oral Advocacy Skills

5. Preparing oral arguments

✅ Structuring the oral presentation
✅ Rebuttals and sur-rebuttals
✅ Handling questions from judges
✅ Courtroom Etiquette and Procedure

6. Understanding courtroom decorum

✅ Presentation and professional conduct
✅ Time management during oral arguments
✅ Team Dynamics and Collaboration

7. Dividing roles and responsibilities

✅ Effective team communication
✅ Preparing as a team and supporting each other
✅ Mock Rounds and Practice Sessions

8. Conducting practice moot rounds

✅ Receiving and giving constructive feedback
✅ Analyzing and improving performance
✅ Strategies for Success

9. Developing a persuasive argument

✅ Dealing with difficult questions and scenarios
✅ Staying calm under pressure
✅ Judging Criteria and Scoring

10. Understanding how memorials and oral arguments are scored

✅ Key factors judges look for in arguments and presentation

11. Analyzing performance and feedback

✅ Post-Competition Reflection
✅ Preparing for future competitions

12. Recommended reading materials and guides

✅ Online databases and legal resources

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