Cyberbullying & Cyber Law

Wednesday, 03rd April, 2024
Author: Samairah Nagpal

1. What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means.

With the anonymity of social media these days, cyber bullying has taken many horrific forms. These are hate speech, stalking, and spreading explicit photos, among others.

2. Real-Life Story

A young girl in Ohio, USA, sent a nude photo to her boyfriend.

After the couple broke up, he shared the photo online and it was spread to hundreds of teenagers.

As the cyberbullying continued over Facebook and MySpace, the girl committed suicide.

3. Victims are made to feel

✅ Sense of powerlessness
✅ Loneliness
✅ Fear of speaking up
✅ Ashamed of their situation

4. Our Secret Tips

Block: Instantly block the bullies. Report them to the police.
Speak: to family or others who can help you deal with the situation.
Keep proof: Save screenshots, texts, posts, etc. as proof to file a report.

5. Cyber Law in Action

Sections of the IT Act that may apply:

✅ Section 66E: Violation of privacy
✅ Section 67: Transmitting obscene material in electronic form

Sections of the IPC that may apply:

✅ Section 354D: Stalking
✅ Section 499: Defamation
✅ Section 503: Criminal Intimidation