FedEx Fraud & Cyber Law

Saturday, 06th April, 2024
Author: Samairah Nagpal

1. What is FedEx Fraud?

FedEx fraud is a type of cyber scam done in the name of the major delivery company.

Victims are told that a FedEx parcel of theirs contains drugs/ other contraband. The scammer, pretending to be a police officer, then extorts money from them.

2. Real-Life Story

A woman in Haryana received a call from someone who claimed to be a senior officer of the Mumbai Police.

She was told that contraband had been found in a FedEx parcel under her name.

The ‘police officer’ extorted ₹20 lakhs from her!

3. Victims are made to feel

✅ Guilty (despite being innocent)
✅ Afraid of being punished
✅ At the mercy of the scammers
✅ Helpless

4. Our Secret Tips

✅ Verify: Don’t trust random numbers - call the police/ FedEx from a verified number.
✅ Check: Be wary of altered links e.g.,
✅ Keep proof: Record calls and take screenshots of emails/ texts as proof for filing a report.

5. Cyber Law in Action

Sections of the IPC that may apply:
✅ Section 384: Punishment for extortion
✅ Section 419: Cheating by personation
✅ Section 503: Criminal intimidation

Sections of the IT Act that may apply:
✅ Section 66D: Cheating by personation by using computer resource
✅ Section 66C: Punishment for identity theft