Remote Access Apps Frauds & Cyber Law

Saturday, 03rd February, 2024
Author: Shuchi Nagpal

1. What is a Remote Access App Fraud?

Remote access app fraud is a scam where fraudsters, pretending to be technical support staff or processing a refund, fool people into installing apps that give them remote control of the victim's device.

They gain access to sensitive data, including banking apps. With control over the device, they can make financial transactions and access personal information without needing an OTP or the victim's direct consent.


2. Real-life Story

In Delhi, an Army officer lost Rs. 2 lakhs in a remote access app scam, trying to sell a bed on OLX.

A scammer posing as a customer care executive, tricked him into downloading "HopToDesk", a remote access app, gained control of his device and transferred the money.


3. Our secret tips

✅ Be skeptical: Doubt unsolicited calls which ask for remote access.

✅ Verify: Check the caller's ID by calling the website's official number.

❌ Never download strange apps.


4. Cyber Law in Action

Section 66C of the Information Technology Act: Identity theft if the scammer uses someone else's ID.

Section 66D of the Information Technology Act: : Cheating using a computer resource

Section 43 of the Information Technology Act: Covering damage to a computer, if there is manipulation of the victim's device.

Section 415 of the Indian Penal Code:: Cheating

Section 416 of the Information Technology Act: Cheating by personation