Voice Cloning Fraud & Cyber Law

Thursday, 01st February, 2024
Author: Shuchi Nagpal

1. What is Voice Cloning Fraud?

Voice cloning fraud is a cybercrime where scammers use artificial intelligence to replicate a person's voice.

Fraudsters then use this fake voice in phone calls to deceive people, often by impersonating their loved ones or authority figures.

This sophisticated form of scamming can trick individuals into believing they are talking to someone they trust, leading them to share personal information or send money.


2. Real-Life Story

A mother got a chilling call from her son who said he had been in an accident and was badly hurt. She was asked to transfer money to the account of the hospital.

When the mother ran to the father, she found him speaking on the phone...to their hale and hearty son!


3. How do you stay safe?

✅ Verify the caller's identity through a separate, trusted channel.

❌ Never share personal, financial, or security details based on a phone call alone.

✅ Hang up and call back using a known, official number to confirm the legitimacy of the call.


4. Cyber Law in Action

Section 66C of the Information Technology Act: This deals with identity theft and can apply if the fraud involves using someone’s voice identity deceitfully.

Section 66D of the Information Technology Act: Pertains to cheating by personation using a computer resource, relevant if the fraudster impersonates another person using technology.

Section 419 of the Indian Penal Code: If the fraudster impersonates someone else to deceive the victim.

Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code: If the scam involves deceiving someone to transfer money or property.